IMEC 556 Sanitise, Guard & Detergent Dispensing Pump
IMEC 556 Sanitise, Guard & Detergent Dispensing Pump

Worrying about the virus around you😥?

most of the people will looking for the cleaning product with 
the anti virus anti bacterial🦠 and related to protecting themselves🧼.
But most products are less multifunctional in the market 
And that is the reason why we are here for you. What our product can do:
IMEC 556 Sanitise:
- suitable for cold mist spraying
- suitable for cleaning, wiping & mopping
- combination of surfactants & quat disinfectant
- effectiveness against Coronavirus & microorganism
IMEC 556 Guard
- cold mist / fogging spray (not suit for thermal fogging)
- sanitizing & disinfecting
- safe for skin
- suitable for spraying, wiping & mopping
- effectiveness against Coronavirus
Mopping, wiping and cleaning 🧹is an important step to repeat anytime
even going out or staying home.
Just get one to help you ease your cleaning process with our product.


Published : 15-Jun-2021

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